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Unlock Your Sales Team's Full Potential

The Prime Solution for Salesforce Sales Cloud integration is more than just a technological collaboration; it's a strategic investment in maximizing your sales potential. By combining the power of localized calling, seamless data transfer, customizable analytics, and compliance analysis, this integration is a catalyst for heightened sales performance and operational excellence. Elevate your sales strategy, empower your team, and drive success with Prime and Salesforce Sales Cloud integration.

CRM Integration

Feel the Synergy

Experience a transformative synergy between the Prime Solution and Salesforce Sales Cloud, designed to supercharge your sales performance. Our integrated solution empowers your team with local calling numbers for enhanced lead engagement, seamless data transfer to Sales Cloud screens, and robust analytics for informed decision-making. With real-time and historical insights directly from Salesforce, Prime and Sales Cloud integration redefine your sales strategy, compliance analysis, and gamification.


Drive Engagement with Gamification

Motivate your sales team and foster healthy competition through gamification features. Prime and Sales Cloud integration offer tools to gamify the sales process, promoting engagement, goal achievement, and a culture of continuous improvement.


Enhanced User Experience

Boost sales performance using Prime and Sales Cloud to dial your hottest leads with local calling numbers that increase pick-up rates. Send each prospect’s contact activity to your team's Sales Cloud screens, with customizable real-time and historical analytics pulled straight from Salesforce data to improve decision-making and gamification. Analyze conversations for compliance and best-practice sharing using Conversation Analyzer.

Light Years Ahead

Use real-time customizable dashboards and wallboards, receive historical insights from within Salesforce reports and while using Einstein, and rely on the widest set of voice and Salesforce digital channels data pushed into Salesforce.

Monitor any conversation, whisper discreetly during it, and easily access automatically logged call recordings.

Dynamically route incoming voice communications and Salesforce digital channels based on anything you know about a customer, including the product they bought, where they are in their contract, or if they have an open support case.

Conversation Analyzer transcribes, tags, and analyzes all customer conversations, which are then automatically logged into Salesforce objects, like contacts, cases, and custom objects.


  • Automated Call Logging: Effortlessly keep track of your communication history. The integration automates call logging, saving your team valuable time and ensuring accurate records of interactions for future reference.

  • Call Tagging and Note Taking: Enhance collaboration and information retention with call tagging and note-taking features. Easily tag calls with relevant information and jot down important notes directly within Salesforce, streamlining communication and follow-up processes.

  • Inbound and Outbound Screen Pops: Make every interaction personalized and efficient with inbound and outbound screen pops. Relevant customer information pops up automatically, empowering your team to provide a tailored experience and fostering meaningful connections.

  • Click to Dial: Accelerate your outreach efforts with the click-to-dial feature. Seamlessly initiate calls directly from Salesforce, eliminating manual dialing and reducing the chance of errors. Boost efficiency and connect with your contacts effortlessly.

  • Conversation Analyzer for Compliance: Ensure compliance and best-practice sharing with Conversation Analyzer. Analyze conversations to identify compliance issues and extract valuable insights for continuous improvement. Enhance the quality of customer interactions while maintaining regulatory standards.

  • Historical Analytics: Delve into historical analytics to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. Leverage the power of past data to refine your sales strategies, forecast accurately, and enhance long-term performance.

Empowering Customer Experience with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

In a business landscape where customer experience is becoming the primary brand differentiator, CTI emerges as a strategic tool to stay ahead of the curve. By integrating communication systems with customer data, CTI empowers your business to provide seamless, personalized, and efficient interactions. Don't be left behind – prioritize the customer experience and leverage the capabilities of CTI to foster customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive brand differentiation.

Seamless Communication
CTI enables seamless integration between your communication systems and customer data. This means that when a customer reaches out, your agents have immediate access to relevant information, fostering a more personalized and efficient interaction. This not only saves time but also ensures that customers feel heard and valued..
Faster Issue Resolution:
With CTI, customer queries are routed to the most appropriate agent equipped with the necessary information. This streamlines issue resolution, reducing the need for customers to repeat information and accelerating the overall problem-solving process. Quick and efficient resolutions contribute significantly to a positive customer experience.
Personalized Interactions:
 CTI empowers your agents with a 360-degree view of the customer. Having access to the customer's history, preferences, and previous interactions enables your team to personalize communication. This personal touch makes customers feel understood and appreciated, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
Multi-Channel Support:

In the era of diverse communication channels, CTI ensures that your business can offer support across various platforms seamlessly. Whether it's phone calls, emails, chat, or social media, CTI allows your team to manage customer interactions holistically, providing a consistent and integrated experience.
Enhanced Productivity:
 CTI automates manual tasks associated with handling customer calls. This not only reduces the chance of errors but also allows your agents to focus on more complex aspects of customer interactions. Increased efficiency leads to faster response times and improved overall service quality.
Proactive Customer Engagement:
CTI can be utilized to set up proactive engagement strategies. For example, it can trigger automated follow-up calls, gather customer feedback, or provide timely updates. Proactive engagement demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and contributes to a positive brand image.
Analytics for Continuous Improvement:

CTI provides valuable analytics and reporting tools. By analyzing call data, customer feedback, and interaction patterns, your business can gain insights into areas for improvement. Continuous refinement of your customer service strategy based on these insights ensures that you stay ahead in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

What can CTI do for my bottom line?

Incorporating CTI into your business strategy is a strategic move to give your sales and service teams the competitive edge they need. By enhancing customer engagement, empowering employees, and offering flexible, intelligent telephony, CTI becomes a catalyst for business growth and success. Embrace the transformative power of CTI to propel your business forward in a dynamic and customer-centric market.

How do you make CX?

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