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Auto Dealerships Improve CSI and Bottom Line

Perhaps now more than ever, meeting and exceeding customer expectations in the dealership sales space is crucial for sales, service and parts departments!

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Turn “Sorry for the inconvenience” into “It’s a pleasure serving you!”

Elevate both the customer and BDC or Service agent experience by ensuring all calls are dealt with effectively and professionally, preventing dropped calls and long queue build-ups, and more


Ensure customer engagement is always in stock

Acquire and retain loyal customers by delivering a frictionless, multichannel shopping experience built around their preferences. 

Get insights into every interaction with call tracking, campaign tracking, and real-time sentiment analysis.

Offer precise and immediate updates with text alerts and notifications, private SMS communication, and customer-support text messages.


Unified User Experience


Collaborate seamlessly across devices from wherever you may be – whether you’re in the office, on the go, or making last-minute changes before your next meeting.

Faciltate business continuity—in the event of an emergency—by enabling quick transitions to remote locations or home offices.

Easily manage multiple locations from a single interface - same system across multiple dealerships.

Building Trust in the Automotive Industry with Omnichannel Contact Centers

Earning and maintaining trust is paramount for businesses. Car buyers demand assurance that they are getting the best deal, that the dealership will provide ongoing support, and that the purchased vehicle will deliver on its promises regarding performance and safety. In this context, an omnichannel contact center emerges as a powerful tool to transform the trust equation for car dealerships.

Trust-Building Capabilities of Omnichannel Contact Centers:

An omnichannel contact center directly addresses the multifaceted trust requirements of car buyers:

  1. Transparent Information Flow: Through unified communication channels, dealerships can transparently share information about deals, post-sale support, and vehicle performance. This transparency is instrumental in building trust by keeping customers well-informed.

  2. Consistent Support: An omnichannel approach ensures consistent support after the sale, reinforcing the dealership's commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether addressing concerns or providing updates, the dealership becomes a reliable partner in the customer's automotive journey.

  3. Holistic Customer Engagement: By facilitating communication through multiple channels, omnichannel contact centers enable dealerships to engage with customers in a holistic manner. This comprehensive approach reinforces trust by demonstrating attentiveness to all aspects of the customer's needs.

An omnichannel contact center is not just a technological upgrade; it's a strategic investment in trust-building for car dealerships. In an era where consumer trust is mission-critical, embracing omnichannel communication is a forward-thinking approach that aligns with the evolving expectations of today's car buyers.

  • The Challenge of Trust in the Automotive Industry:

    Car buyers today are well-informed, leveraging various channels to access information and make informed purchasing decisions. Trust is no longer a mere luxury; it is mission-critical. However, for car dealerships, earning and maintaining trust can be a complex mission due to the multifaceted nature of consumer expectations.

  • The Role of Omnichannel Contact Centers:

    Implementing an omnichannel contact center solution becomes a strategic move for car dealerships seeking to enhance their interactions with consumers. This approach involves seamlessly integrating various communication channels, such as phone calls, emails, chat, and social media, into a unified system.

  • Faster and More Efficient Interactions: Omnichannel contact centers enable car dealerships to respond swiftly and efficiently to customer inquiries. Whether a buyer prefers to engage via phone, email, or chat, the dealership can provide a consistent and prompt response, fostering positive interactions.
  • Increased Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Referrals:

    When car buyers experience seamless and efficient interactions, their satisfaction levels rise. Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal patrons and enthusiastic advocates, leading to positive word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Improve Your CSI

Enhancing Customer Respect and Experience with Cloud Contact Centers

In automotive retail, creating meaningful and authentic experiences for customers is pivotal. Modern shoppers, especially when making significant purchases like automobiles, seek reassurance regarding a dealership's intentions. They desire to feel valued as individuals, not just as transactions. Unfortunately, the post-sale experience at many dealerships often falls short, leaving customers feeling neglected. The transition from a highly attentive sales process to a disjointed or unresponsive post-sale phase can erode trust and convey a lack of respect for the customer's time and business.

The Impactful Message: "We Are Here for You":

A well-implemented cloud contact center transforms the post-sale customer experience into a positive, respectful engagement. It communicates to customers that the dealership values their time, their business, and their preferences. By seamlessly connecting customers with knowledgeable agents, providing real-time information, and offering multi-channel accessibility, the message is clear: "We are here for you—not just on the day you make a purchase, but every day after, through whatever channel suits you best."

Challenges in Traditional Customer Experiences:

The typical post-sale customer experience scenario at many dealerships involves customers feeling like they become someone else's problem once the sale is concluded. When customers reach out with questions about their lease, warranty, service issues, or other concerns, the uncertainty of reaching the right person often leads to frustration. This experience, akin to a game of "hot potato," where customers are passed from one department to another, sends a message that their time and business are not genuinely respected.

How We Change That Experience
In embracing cloud contact centers, dealerships not only optimize their operational efficiency but also establish a foundation for building enduring customer relationships based on mutual respect and ongoing support.
Empowering Customer Respect with Cloud Contact Centers:

Implementing a robust cloud contact center system is a strategic solution to address these challenges and enhance customer respect and experience.

Seamless and Targeted Communication:
 A cloud contact center intelligently matches customer inquiries with the most appropriate agents. This ensures that customers are directed to knowledgeable representatives who can address their concerns effectively. This targeted approach eliminates the frustration of being passed around, conveying a message of respect for the customer's time.
Up-to-Date Customer Information:
 Cloud contact centers provide agents with real-time access to customer information. When customers contact the dealership, agents are equipped with the relevant details about their lease, warranty, or service history. This not only streamlines the interaction but also communicates a commitment to personalized service and ongoing support.
Multi-Channel Accessibility:
Cloud contact centers facilitate communication through various channels, allowing customers to engage via their preferred means—be it phone, email, chat, or others. This versatility reflects a dedication to being accessible to customers on their terms, reinforcing the message that the dealership is there for them every step of the way.

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