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Transforming Healthcare

Prime's Cloud-Based Communications for Vital Telehealth Experiences

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, access to medical expertise has never been more critical. Prime is at the forefront of revolutionizing patient care by seamlessly connecting medical experts with patients in real-time, transcending geographical barriers and making healthcare accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Your Bridge to PX Excellence


Real-Time Healthcare, Anywhere

Prime's cloud-based communications serve as a conduit for medical professionals and patients to connect in real-time. Whether it's through video consultations, voice calls, SMS, chat, or even social media, Prime provides a comprehensive solution to deliver vital healthcare experiences, ensuring that medical expertise is just a click away.


Multi-Channel Communication:

Choose the mode of communication that suits your preferences. Prime supports a variety of channels, allowing patients and healthcare providers to engage through video consultations for a face-to-face experience, voice calls for quick inquiries, SMS for timely reminders, chat for interactive discussions, and even social media for a more connected healthcare community.

We have the ability to connect call center/voice and EMR systems together!


Safe and Efficient Telehealth Services:

Prime's cloud-based platform is designed to prioritize the safety and efficiency of telehealth services. Secure and HIPAA-compliant, Prime ensures that patient data is handled with the utmost confidentiality, providing a reliable and trustworthy environment for virtual healthcare interactions.

Light Years Ahead

Why Choose Prime for Telehealth?
  • Accessibility: Break down geographical barriers and bring healthcare expertise to patients, regardless of their location.

  • Flexibility: Choose from a range of communication channels to cater to diverse patient needs and preferences.

  • Security: Trust Prime's HIPAA-compliant platform for secure and confidential telehealth services.

Empower Your Healthcare Journey with Prime:

Experience the future of healthcare communication with Prime. Transform the way medical experts connect with patients, delivering vital healthcare experiences in real-time. Embrace the power of cloud-based communications for safe, efficient, and accessible telehealth services. Prime – where healthcare meets innovation.

  • Deliver an effective, timely, personalized patient experience across whatever channel they prefer.

  • Authenticate patients, consult virtually, message medical staff and patients to keep them informed and on-time, offer secure live video sessions, and more.

  • HIPAA compliance, BAA provisioning, high-security encryption, and adherence to regional and sovereign privacy laws for our Video  API ensures healthcare applications can concentrate on what matters most—the patient.

  • Route patients to the  best-skilled doctors or nurses to address their needs. Transform the patient experience through self-service and chatbots, resolving cases with automated workflows, and task filtering.

  • In the event of a short-term emergency or long-term disruption, help make sure your business stays up and running by enabling your agents to quickly transition to remote locations or home offices.

Giving a whole new meaning to house calls

Prime goes beyond conventional healthcare solutions by providing unwavering support to patients, even in challenging times. Our platform enables seamless communication, ensuring patients have access to the support they need, whether it's through virtual consultations, timely updates, or emergency communications during crises.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Unified Healthcare Solutions: Integrate various aspects of your healthcare operations for a cohesive and efficient system.

  • Cost Reduction: Prime is designed to cut overheads, optimize resource allocation, and bring cost-effective solutions to your healthcare business.

  • Mobile Accessibility: Enable your staff to access critical information and communicate seamlessly, fostering mobility without compromising productivity.

  • Crisis-Ready Support: Prime ensures that your healthcare business is equipped to handle crises, providing uninterrupted support to both staff and patients.

Why Choose Prime for Healthcare Business Solutions?
  • Quality Care: Elevate the quality of care delivered with Prime's unified and streamlined solutions.

  • Efficiency: Experience operational efficiency through automated processes and optimized workflows.

  • Adaptability: Prime empowers your business to adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring continuity in patient care, even during challenging times

Embrace the Future of Healthcare Business with Prime:
Take your healthcare business to new heights with Prime's unified solutions. Cut costs, empower your mobile workforce, and provide unparalleled support to your patients – all with a platform designed to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Prime – where quality care meets innovation.

Build tomorrow’s telehealth innovations today

Build your mobile and web healthcare applications with real-time communications to create powerful patient experiences across multiple channels. Empower practitioners to deliver better care, increase patient engagement, streamline operations, and improve patient outcomes—all while lowering the costs and barriers to care.

Cloud Communications in Healthcare

How to improve patient experience, maximize revenue, and handle information securely using cloud-based communications like contact centers, unified communications, and communications APIs

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