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Better Healthcare Interactions Start with Proper Orchestration!

Native workflow integration driving over 70M+ annual EHR interactions

SpinSci Integration

System of Orchestration

Orchestration enables the front-office staff  and clinicians with real-time access to patient records every time a patient makes a call.

  • EHR to contact center integration
  • Automation of patient access workflows
  • Quick action for speed to care
  • A 360º view of the patient
  • Real-time EHR integration eliminating delays
  • Omni-channel self-service (Voice | Text | Chat)
  • Automation of workflows driving speed to care
  • Delivering patient reminders and notification triggered by real-time EHR events
  • Integrating with contact centers for high touch encounters as needed
  • Driving quick action and speed to care

Assist and Engage-1

Patient Engage

Patient Assist

Patient Notify

Patient Engage meet the ever changing needs of  patients by integrating key systems directly into their communications

Patient Assist provides high touch assistance with contact center integration to EHR. By delivering critical info to agents, our solution allows them to save time and increase speed to care

Patient Notify increases patient loyalty and rentention. How?  Eliminating wait times associated with record  lookups boosts patient satisfaction. Patients will appreciate the value you place on their time

doctor handshake with a patient at doctors bright modern office in hospital

Enhanced User Experience

  • Patients want self-service allowing them 
    to participate in their own workflows
  • Patients want a high touch experience
  • Providers want to Increase Patient Loyalty and Retention

Ask yourself

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Changing and improving your PX begins with 6 Questions.

  • How are you coping with call volume, call 
    deflection, and average handle time (AHT) 
    challenges that impact agent ability to 
    meet SLAs and resolve patient calls?

  • What’s your current rate of scheduling 
    no-shows and cancellations? Did you 
    know contact centers with real-time EHR 
    integration can improve your business 

  • How is your referral to registration 
    workflow being tracked? Did you know 
    contact centers can play a big role in 
    creating a proactive engagement to 
    contain revenue leakage?

  • Hospital billing, Professional billing, or 
    Single Billing office – Did you know 
    Contact Centers can improve patient 
    financial operations by consolidating 
    patient bills for a contact center agent? 

  • PCI compliance is top of mind for 
    Contact Center operations where credit 
    cards are processed by agents. Did you 
    know your contact centers can be free of 
    PCI sensitive data?

  • Automated pause and resume operations 
    during financial transactions is a manual 
    process and can jeopardize the 
    compliance guidelines. Did you know we 
    can automate the voice and screen 
    recordings natively from EHR (Epic)? 

Prime puts it together

Prime combines the Virtual Call Center from Vonage with SpinSCI to leverage your EHR investment

Patient Engage Use Cases

Real-time Epic updates
Update EHR of patient actions such as confirming  appointments, rescheduling, added to waitlist, and more.
Authenticating patients

Enable self-service functions within Patient Access workflows by authenticating patients via multi-factor authentication

Scheduling IVR
Enable patients to execute on Scheduling, Self-Service routines. Also, can enable Self-service options for registration and contactless check-in process

Empower Patients to execute self service routines

Provide self-service features for billing via voice,  chat, and SMS (DTMF or NLU enabled-voice)
Pharmacy IVR
Self-service flows for a prescription refill with Epic Willow (Epic AppOrchard approved solution).

Patient Assist Use Cases

Identifying patient of interest

Using matching parameters (single match, multi match, no match or mis-match), agents can quickly identify the patient of interest
Caller source and subject matching
Not all the time is a patient calling in, easily verify whether a patient, provider, clinician, etc is calling and the seamlessly understand where the caller was trying to reach (source of the call.)

PCP Information
Easily pull up primary care provider information for patient of interest and have ability to verify insurance.

Patient Journey mapping
Have a wholistic view of past encounters with each patient (clinical and telephony.)

Context Management
Scree Pop into any Epic/EHR Module and 
retain all essential context of patient 

Patient Notify - Use Cases
Pharmacy and Billing notifications
Send bill reminder notification from Epic resolute or pharmacy prescription pickup notifications based on dispense codes in Epic 
WAM (Willow ambulatory)
Real-time Patient appointment notifications
Enabled with direct integration to Epic Cadence and Epic Prelude/EHR
Easy-to-use Management Portal
SpinSci Web management portal offers pre-built campaigns with predefined rules and predefined messages for multi-language support.
Increase in digital usage with Patient Portal
Real-time notifications for users to sign up for mobile app (Patient Portal) for digital interaction
Engage with Patient via the right channel
All notifications are sent based on the channel that the patient listed as their preference inside of Epic/EHR
Virtual Check in and Registration
Integration with Epic DAR report for registration notification for contact-less check-in

Prime, Spinsci and Vonage Put it all Together!

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Strategy Kit

How do you go about improving the patient experience (PX)? Here is a valuable guide to begin that journey!

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