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Optimize Microsoft Teams!

Super Charge your Unified Communications for Employees and Customers by integrating with Microsoft Teams

At Prime, we understand the critical role communication plays in shaping customer perceptions. That's why we've designed a solution that seamlessly integrates advanced telephony and contact center capabilities into your existing Microsoft Teams infrastructure.

Say goodbye to disjointed communication channels and hello to a unified platform that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.


Reliable Voice Capabilities:


Enjoy crystal-clear and reliable voice capabilities by integrating with Microsoft Teams. Elevate your communication experience, ensuring that every call is of the highest quality, meeting the standards your business demands.


Tailored Solutions for Your Business Needs:

With Prime for Microsoft Teams, you have the flexibility to choose the voice capabilities that align best with your business requirements. Whether you opt for the robust enterprise-grade PBX phone system, offering 30+ premium features, or prefer the cost-effective our Voice for Microsoft Teams with up to 15 features, you are in control.


Enhance your Microsoft Teams experience with:

  Advanced call handling and PBX features of UCaaS

  • Reliability and auto failover in the event of outages
  • Improved first-call agent resolution with contact center integrated in Microsoft Teams
  • Lower administrative overhead costs
  • Integrations across the Microsoft Office suite
  • Seamless connections across devices (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, desk phones)

Light Years Ahead

Need to optimize communications? Bring the quality calling of Business Communications into Microsoft Teams to benefit from enhanced reliability and enterprise-grade quality of service. Get the level of voice capabilities that work best for your business needs. Choose between  for Microsoft Teams, a more robust enterprise-grade PBX phone system with 30+ premium features, or  Voice for Microsoft Teams that offers cost-effective call options with up to 15 features. 

  • Deliver quality customer and employee experiences in Microsoft Teams
  • Optimize the tools you already use, without workflow disruption
  • Integrate across the Microsoft suite to create a more interconnected workplace
  • Seamless contact center integration
  • Reliability and auto failover in the event of outages

Let’s Draw Up a Winning Game Plan for Microsoft Teams, Starting With the Phone System

There’s no doubt that Microsoft Teams is an awesome tool for communication and collaboration. Your often-remote employees can huddle up with group chats or one-on-one messages. Easily jump into video conferencing. Share files and co-author documents in real time, or share screens for true collaboration. But, as Microsoft Teams usage skyrockets,  there’s one area where it comes up short: Telephony

30 Day Evaluation

Every Great Growth-Driven Design Project Starts With Proof of Concept.

If your organization is considering integration to MS Teams, we would be interested in providing you with a complimentary proof of concept evaluation. 

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