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Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Customer Experience (CX).

Clients already have the means to reach out to you, but the overall experience may not always meet their expectations. Explore the most common customer frustrations and discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enhance and improve these interactions.

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Customers could be happier. To understand why, just think of when you’ve had your own poor experiences as a customer — like long wait times to speak to an agent or contacting customer service multiple times to resolve an issue — that still torment you.


Why Artificial Intelligence?

Customers have embraced AI to make things better. Here’s a quick example: Nearly half 
of consumers cite better support through messaging or on company sites. This is how AI-powered chatbots can resolve complex issues — often without any human interaction — around  the clock.


Enhanced User Experience: The Right Channel Matters

The need for customers to connect in whatever channel they choose isn’t going away, as channel preferences remain fragmented and trends differ by variables like market, age, and gender. But a sound communications strategy goes beyond what channels customers like … it’s about how they prefer to communicate. Once you unlock that knowledge, you’ll discover the AI channel-specific benefits that can enhance your CX strategy.

Platinum Rule: Let Your Customers Communicate With You How They Want To

Only 42% of consumers are “very satisfied” when communicating with businesses.

Offering the right channel goes a long way toward a positive CX.

But for many businesses,setting up and maintaining those channels are no easy effort.

This is where AI can help.
  • 87% of consumers use at least one
    messaging/texting platform with
    businesses/service providers.

  • 74% of consumers use video chat/
    call platforms with businesses/
    service providers.

  • 92% of consumers use at least one
    voice channel with businesses/service

  • 78% of consumers use social media
    platforms with businesses/service

  • Mobile phone calls continue to
    be the most widely used voice
    communication method, followed
    by WhatsApp.

Key Points

If you downloaded the book, you will see the actual 2024 data that supports these take aways

Phone and EMail
Time-tested phone calls and emails are still popular.
Twist and Spin
Phone calls through messaging apps and messaging through non-SMS apps offer a new spin on the old favorites.
Apps Rule
In-app usage is up. Be sure to integrate AI into your apps to further service customers by answering quick questions, routing to a live agent, or even closing a sale.
How to Stand Out
Speed and availability are CX differentiators. And exponential improvements in AI can resolve complex issues — often without any
human interaction. So it’s no surprise that customers will more than double their engagement with AI-enabled chatbots.
Customers may only have a quick or routine ask of the chatbot— but the 24/7 element is an ideal way to nurture customers from the start.
Seeing is Believing
Increase in video chat is a great chance to use AI capabilities and machine learning to anticipate a customer call and prompt responses for help service agents. For example, AI can conduct real-time sentiment analysis to escalate a call as needed. When agents join the video call, they can reference AI-generated insights to quickly resolve a customer concern.

Key Factors That You Should Know


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Artificial Intelligence and the customer Experience